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Random Favourites

Musique by RealLifeSuicideBlond Musique :iconreallifesuicideblond:RealLifeSuicideBlond 9 2
being real
I mean to hold you close.
:iconvictorycoffee:VictoryCoffee 7 2
Over looking my temptations
My sensations
Turning them all into my concentrations
Which makes you the fuel to my fire
And everything I desire
Touching me
Caressing me
Filling me deep
With a love that no words can speak
Eyes glancing over the tenderness of your passion
Can you see my plain heart flashing?
And the passion in which becomes my entity
Oh burn out the flame that carries my sanity
Life doesn't feel the same without your hands all over me
So take me now
So that I can finally be
One with you, as you are one with me.
:iconnarrate:Narrate 10 5
Making the pain worsen
How do you numb it
When you're already  bleeding
A pain so devastating
Not even love can heal it.
:iconnarrate:Narrate 6 5
Not Afraid
I’m not afraid of death,
I’m not afraid of dying.
I’m not afraid of heartbreak,
I’m not afraid of crying.
The only think I fear
Of ever coming true
Is living this fearless life
Without you.
:iconmeekbookworm:MeekBookworm 2 2
Toxic Touch by NickSachos Toxic Touch :iconnicksachos:NickSachos 181 41 life.. is like a bubble.. by Sugar-H life.. is like a bubble.. :iconsugar-h:Sugar-H 339 130 Cursed black pearls by Sugar-H Cursed black pearls :iconsugar-h:Sugar-H 390 123
Life wasn't up to me
I try to wear the puppet strings
Their pinching grip so tight
I feel my blood pump hard, it stings
Their tendrils, oh their might
I try to fight, no compromise
To make the puzzle fit
But pictures aren't made for lies
There's no controlling it
Whether breathing, or on a page
They have a unique mind
It's not a creature in a cage
Nor plastic you can wind
The characters are just a real
As life we hold so dear
They can think, move, breathe, even feel
No strings, no puppeteers.
:iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 9 10
-Leah + Louis- With a Bow
"Leah! Baby girl! Come give your old man a hug!" He held his arms out as the seven year old ran at him, thumping into him and wrapping her arms around him tightly. "How was your day, baby girl?"
Louis paused, picked up the skinny girl, and set her on his hip, carrying Leah out to the kitchen and attacking her cheek with kisses.
"Daddy! Stop!" She squealed with laughter when his other hand 'snuck up' on her and tickled her, and she squirmed, trying to escape. Louis laughed and kissed his girl on the head before setting her on the counter. "I drew you a picture, Daddy!"
"Oh, really? Well, let me see it!" She jumped off the counter and ran back to the living room, pulling a picture out of her backpack, before running back to her daddy and holding it up. His face broke into a smile when he saw that it was a crude drawing of himself, Leah, and Kim, holding hands and smiling in their living room. "That's beautiful, Leah-Lee. You really paid attention to Daddy's tummy, didn't you?"
Leah giggl
:icontheelemettes:TheElemettes 2 0
Mature content
-Sam + Darren- The Talk :icontheelemettes:TheElemettes 5 5
If it's in my favorites, it is worth your time to look at. Browse through, maybe you'll find something by you! :D

Newest Deviations

Philena: Dirty
I stand in the shower,
scrub furiously at my pink skin.
It is burned from the intensity
of the hot water.
I have scrubbed myself raw,
but no matter what I do
I can still smell him.
I escaped him,
why won't he leave?

I still feel so dirty.
:iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 3 2
Tomorrow: Chapter Four
Weekends at the house aren’t normal weekends where the teenager sleeps in and the parents leave her alone, then tease her with, “Oh my gosh, it’s alive!” when she finally wakes up around noon or one in the afternoon. No, weekends here I get up at about 7:30 in the morning, take a quick shower, get dressed in cover-ups and start walking. I don’t exactly walk anywhere in particular, but I bring my backpack with food (a couple handfuls of chips, so they don’t notice them missing, and a couple cookies. Once in awhile, I’m able to sneak a few quarters too, so I can buy a drink) and a sketchbook with art supplies. Sometimes I end up at the library, sometimes a park, it depends on my mood.
This time I end up at a far-away park that neither of my parents would willingly go to. So, relaxing, I walk off to a secluded area away from where everyone else goes and take out my sketchbook, flipping it to a blank page far away from other sketches and taking out
:iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 0 0
Mature content
Tomorrow: Chapter Three :iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 0 0
Tomorrow: Chapter Two
Lying in bed tonight, I pull my sketchbook out from under the bed and open it to a blank page. I have to be real sure that He’s not going to come anywhere near here that way He won’t know I’m drawing—or He’ll both take everything away and garbage my work and punish me before Mother wakes up.
But He’s asleep right now, so I’m safe. I just have to listen for Him.
My hands finish the strokes across the paper and I look down at what I’ve accomplished. It’s a sketch of a girl, naked with scars and bruises everywhere—one big bruise between her legs. She has plain grey duct tape over her mouth that reads SILENCE in big bold, scratchy letters and there are cuffs on her ankles, chained into the floor. Right in front of her is what looks like blood—the only thing in color—writing out the word TRAPPED.
That girl is me, and those words are the words I will someday show the world so they know they let someone they could have he
:iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 0 0
Tomorrow: Chapter One
I enter the doors to my high school, a senior. First day back to school and apparently I'm supposed to be shrieking and crying like an idiot, going, "Oh my God I haven't seen you since... two days ago!" to all my friends... wait, what friends?
But instead of being stupid and wasting my time, I run off to my assigned locker and empty the stuff I don't need into it- the binders and shit for my last three periods will be picked up at lunch- just in time to see Alexa.
Alexa Gena-Odetta Davies has been my Hell On Earth since middle school and I've always wondered if she'd cut me some slack our senior year. Guess it's time to find out.
"Hey Phil, got any more dykes under your spell?" She pauses for effect and makes a disgusted face.
"Oh wait- you don't spellbound them, you disgust them!" she cackles in her evil-but-I'm-so-sexy way so all the guys turn their heads to look at her and a couple chuckle with her, her current lost-puppy-dog follower being one of them.
"No, but I do have a couple o
:iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 0 0
Philena: So Afraid by WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW Philena: So Afraid :iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 0 0
I Hate Phones (And Other Crap)
We're reading To Kill A Mockingbird in class and I've been called on to read and while I can read it aloud perfectly fine all by myself in my room, I bite my lip. I pause and I swallow a couple times and my hands get all hot and sweaty. My nickname Streetlight comes in handy here and my cheeks flush bright red and my breath comes a lot less easily. I put it off for as long as I can, but I start reading before my teacher thinks I didn't hear her. Everyone looks back at me for a second as I stutter to a start and then turns back around, but it feels like they're still staring at me. My sentences come out a little choppy, but it works out okay because now she's said it's time to "Popcorn" read, so I finish the couple of sentences I had to read and pass it on to someone else. No one calls on me after that.
I'm in Lit class again and now we've finished our poetry projects and she tells us we're to memorize them and read them aloud, speaking to the audience. I've memorized it just fine,
:iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 0 8
Philena: Scream by WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW
Mature content
Philena: Scream :iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 1 0
Musing: Inches and Continents
The song is on repeat. I look at the clock and see it reading 11:55 and do the math in my head. It's almost automatic now. I know that ten o'clock here is six o'clock there. The sun's probably up by now, if you can see it through the clouds. Scottish weather is like what people think Washington is like. We actually only have rain about 65% of the time while they have it about 85-90% of the time. It's kinda funny 'cause right now we're havin' a heat wave and Scotland, or at least Glasgow, has rain.
It's now 11:58 and I've spent three minutes on that last paragraph. Now the song's repeating again and I can't think of how to phrase anything better than Simple Plan did in Jet Lag, or Bruno Mars did in Long Distance. It's impossible, ya know? And it's crazy. To fall for someone so completely when they're 4,000+ miles away from you. All I can think about right now is holding his hand while walking down the street to get sushi. Cuddling on the couch while watching an anime or Nosferatu or a c
:iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 2 8
Poem: Inches and Continents
I was almost hit by a car the other day.
If you'd taken one more step,
you'd have been squashed by a bus.
We told each other and we laughed,
but I can't stop going back to it.
I can't lose you before I even get to hold you.
Readers, unless you've been in a long-
distance. You don't get it. I'm sorry,
you don't.
Long distance is the most difficult thing.
Being so far away is so painful...
it's almost physical.
All I can think about right now is
holding hands
dancing around the kitchen...
and looking like fools
falling asleep together.
All I can think about right now is
instead of
:iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 2 1
Mature content
Edith: Inside :iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 1 0
Blue Eyes
Her hands tremble, running through her hair in an anxious gesture. The alien four walls around her seem to be pressing closer the longer she stays here; compressing all of the echos of words, all of her stray thoughts, all of her fear into her tiny little bubble.
Her icy calm exterior begins to crack where the warmth of little fingertips traces. The signs of it melting trickle down her face in tiny salt water streams.
His wide blue eyes stare up at her, his hands the size of her pointer finger reaching out for her face. She kisses him on his forehead... pulling back in time to see his eyes close and feel his hand flop back to his body, limp.
She awakes in bed, the clock reads 2AM, and a different pair of blue eyes looks at her with concern as she stands up, knowing there will be no more sleep tonight.
She drives out to the grave and places yet another yellow flower on the stone, reading the name and dates she knows by heart:
Bradley Lawrence
Jan. 2, 2013 - Oct. 28, 2014
A beloved so
:iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 0 0
Wicca by WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW Wicca :iconwritingxsquirrelxftw:WritingxSQUIRRELxFTW 0 0


Gold Winter by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Gold Winter by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 1,736 121 The Hidden Village by andreasrocha The Hidden Village :iconandreasrocha:andreasrocha 2,612 41 Part of Your No by TsaoShin Part of Your No :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 45,510 7,810 Mermaids by Annabella55 Mermaids :iconannabella55:Annabella55 78 7 Always the Season for Trees by minikikiart Always the Season for Trees :iconminikikiart:minikikiart 613 101 Into The Light by BaxiaArt Into The Light :iconbaxiaart:BaxiaArt 2,246 106 Rainbow Stallion by AnnMarieBone Rainbow Stallion :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 3,090 425 Rainbow Trees by AnnMarieBone Rainbow Trees :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 820 88



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Been gone a while y'all. Status Updates on here are still weird, lol. Got fired from Walmart, so been applying everywhere during the week and being a bit creative on the weekends. Gonna attempt to start up an Etsy shop (which I've actually been trying to do for a year now, but was always either too tired or too broke). I'll link it when it's open... and I'm rebooting the James novel I was working on. We'll see how it goes and maybe I'll actually post it here :) Love y'all. 



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My ID photo is at least a year old, but it's one of my few favorite photos of myself.

Love Emilie Autumn. Lost my Hot Topic job 'cause the season ended, but gained a job at DQ which, while being a fast food place, is also a franchise... which means that my location has a franchise owner. She's pretty freaking awesome and the management doesn't feel like management and work isn't hell right now, so I'm calling that plus. My shop has now been open for almost a year! I have 16 listings now including a few different soap sizes, shave soap, beard oils, unisex fragrances, bath tea sachets, shower gel, salt-n-sugar scrubs and many more. I still want to make so much more, but it's all about the funds, so for now 16 items (and pretty much any of them are customizable, just ask) will have to be enough.

Current Residence: Washington
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: I know too many of you! No favorite!
Favourite style of art: Literature, and photography
Wallpaper of choice: Abstract art, cats (namely Jinxx, my furbaby, or Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch), and anything else that interests me
Favourite cartoon character: Either Popeye or Salem, if he counts, or Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas (technically not a cartoon, but he is, ya know, not alive)
Personal Quote: "If the reader doesn't feel what the narrator feels, the writer has failed."


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